Name: Syed Waris Ali Shah
Date of Birth: 1st Safar (1228A.H.) (1819)
Date of Wisaal: 6th April 1905
Date of Urs: Kartik: (Held any time between 1st Oct - 15 Nov)
Resting at: Dewa Sherif, Lucknow, India

Genealogical Table:
1. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم)
2. Hazrath Imam Hussain (رضي الله عنه)
3. Hazrath Imam Zainul Abiddin (رضي الله عنه)
4. Hazrath Imam Jaffer Sadiq (رضي الله عنه)
6. Hazrath Imam Moosa Kazim (رضي الله عنه)
7. Syed Qasim Hamza (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
8. Syed Ali Raza (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
9. Syed Mohammad Mahdi (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
10. Syed Mohammad Jaffer (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
11. Syed Abu Mohammad (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
12. Syed Askari (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
13. Syed Abul Qasim (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
14. Syed Mahrooq (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
15. Syed Ashraf Abi Talib (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
16. Syed Azizuddin (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
17. Syed Alauddin (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
18. Syed Abdul Alad (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
19. Syed Abdul Wahid (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
20. Syed Umar Shah (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
21. Syed Zainul Abiddin (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
22. Syed Umar Noor (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
23. Syed Abdul Ahad (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
24. Miran Syed Ahmad (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
25. Syed Karmallah (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
26. Syed Salamath Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
27. Hakim Syed Qurban Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
28. Al-Haj Hafiz Syed Waris Ali Shah (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

Born Date and Place:
First Safar Urdu Month, Friday 1228 Hijrah. English Date (1819) at Dewa Sheriff which is 13 Km from Barabanki and 28 to 30 Km from Lucknow.

Our Saint Belongs to a
family of learned and distinguish Syed of NISHAPUR (IRAN),
Syed Ashraf Abi Talib (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) Migrated to India with his family. He settled in the out skirts of Kuntur. Town of Barabanki District. He built a home there now known as Rasoolpur.

Miran Syed Ahmed Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) was born at Dewa Sheriff in 1141 Hijrah. Syed Karmallah (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) was his son. Whose sons were Syed Salamath Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ), Syed Bisharat Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ), and Syed Sher Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ). Syed Salamath Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) has two sons, one was Syed Qurram Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) and other was (Syed Qurban Ali (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) Father of our Saint Waris Ali Shah (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ).). For more details open the Genealogical Table of Sarkar Waris.

Place of Sarkar Waris Birth:
Dewa Sheriff earned the proud name of being the birthplace of such an earnest Personality as our holy saint Waris Ali Shah (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ). It has also been historical as well as Laudable land of illustrious, intellectual luminaries, religious learned personalities
And men of intellect who took birth there. It is also a place higher university education from whose portals came out savants of universal fame.
Many aged and specially venerated persons of Dewa sheriff have declared when the time for the birth of our saint was nearing his mother at different times.

Bought up:
Our Saint
lost his father's protecting hand at the age of two years and the solacing care of his mother at the age of three. His grand mother Janaba Hayathunissa Saheba (aleh-ir rahmaa) Under took the duty of carefully bringing him up. And the strange fact is that unlike other children he would not drink his milk hurriedly but gradually and slowly, moreover his thirst would be quenched with just a few Gulps, which reflected the future qualities of patience and contentment.
The ladies of Dewa Sheriff were also surprised at the noble behavior of the child and expressed that such a marvelous child is rarely to be seen; unlike other children his sleeping bed was clean, free from filth. Unlike other children he never cried but was mostly silent. Whenever he felt urge to answer the calls of nature he made strange signs and the nurse promptly attended to easy himself. During nights he was seen gazing at the moon and stars as if to appreciate the artistry of the Creator. He used to sleep very little; he would always awaken with the smiling face.
Witnessing the same and Serene activity of the precocious child, elder people of Dewa Sheriff begin to respect and hold him in high estimation. As the child begin to grow his habits assumed dignity and a sprit of independence. At the age of five his grandmother engaged a fit instructor to begin his education

Childhood games of Sarkar Waris Pak:
The aim of his plays and
games was to display the quality of Devine truth, Dignity, generosity and kindness. In the grab of games he was distributing sweets purchased from a sweet meat seller name Lukai Halwai. Even through games one can discern his aversion towards worldly life and glorification of divine love. His most delightful pastime was to distribute clothes and coverings to the poor and needy. He would even distribute home utensils of value. These innocent acts of charity are signs of revulsion towards mundane life.
Instead of enjoying the fruits of his inherited property he lavishly spent it out for the benefit of poor. In short this was an essential and inherits quality of our saints full and genuine love, which appears to us as children's play.

Secular Education of Sarkar Waris Pak:
He learned Qraran-e-Sherif from his uncle Hazrat Ameer Ali ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ), on returning home he would not open his book to revise his lessons. Later seated in the lap of nature, in the quiet stillness, would be immersed in deep meditation.
With the aid of God given intellect, within two years he memorized the whole Quran and become a Hafiz (One who learns the Quran by heart). And Maulvi Imam Ali Shah ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) imparts to him secular education. Though the teacher was venerable yet he treated our saint with great respect. The reason for respecting a young was that he was himself a saint and could make out a man's urgings for acquiring a Divine love. Our saint teaches men such lessons that are acquired without learning and without any teacher's aid thus our saint was in not need of worldly education. He wanted to teach such lessons to others which were beyond the compression of laymen. He never forgets whatever was taught to him.
And at the age of eight he was deprived of his grand mother and there was none except the lord of the universe to look after him. There after his brother in law Hazrat Haji Syed Khadim Ali Shah Sahib a resident of Lucknow took him under his supervision and continued his education where he learnt under renowned savants.
From his sayings and particular circumstances it is quite clear that he was proficient scholar of literature and have a perfect knowledge of Quranic exegesis, one such incident was that when our saint was the guest of justice at Maulvi Syed Sharfuddin ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ), he was a well known literary expert of literature and philosophy. He recited to our saint Waris-e-Pak a lengthy encomium Ode Couched in high flown Arabic Language decked with metaphors and similes. Hardly he finished reciting two of three couplets when our saint took it from his hand and read it fluently, explain the difficult words and figures. From this one can estimate our Saint's literary, ability of Arabic Language. Our Saint had perfect knowledge of recitation of Quran and its Verses exegeses. The power of his memory was so sharp that what was taught to him at the age of 12 or 14 he would recollect at the age of eighty. It has also been noticed that our Saint conversed fluently with the Arabs and Persians in there respective languages. Such people do not need acquisition of worldly Knowledge but they are fit to answer any question as if they are experts of art and sciences.

Performing Hajj:
In 1838 A.D. Sarkar Waris Pak decided to visit holy places to perform Hajj. His devotees and disciples insisted to take some one as his companion but refusing all worldly arrangements for his journey, started on foot towards the holy shrine. Then Sarkar Waris Pak reached Unnao, Shikohabad, Ferozabad, Agra, Jaipur Ajmer, Nagore, and they're after a voyage from Bombay to Jeddah. And Sarkar Waris got down at Jeddah and continue his journey to the holy shrine on foot.
MECCA on the night of 29th Shaban our saint sat his foot in to Mecca, and saw the reality of holy Kaaba. He beheld with what his heart was aspiring without any veil draping it. There after he spent the whole day in visiting historical and sacred places, there also many prominent persons joined his cult and became his disciples. And during the pilgrimage season every year he performs the holy Hajj.

Sarkar Waris Pak Final Hajj and trips abroad:
Sarkar Waris also visited Egypt and returned to Medina passing though Palestine and from there went to Mecca to perform Hajj rites. There after a while he went to Aden and again returned to Medina to participate in Hajj ceremony. There he remained two weeks in Medina and after Friday prayers visit the tombs of high spiritual leaders.
From Bombay via Ajmer Sarkar Waris ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) reached Dewa Sheriff in 1266 Hijrah 1853 (A.D.)
More important and significant is the devotional sprit, purity of heart with which it is performed rather than the mere display of adding the application of Hajj with ones name.

Pardah of Sarkar Waris Pak (Death):
Friday 6th April 1905
It was nearing four ‘O'Clock Hakim Mirza Yaqub Baig was feeling the pulse and Our Saint was awaiting the approaching time to join his beloved. All of a sudden the Hakim Sahib withdrew his hand and began to weep profusely and the duration of separation of eighty six or eighty eight years came to an end and Our Saint's Soul flew to Heaven to merge with the Infinite Beloved.
Now every year at Dewa Sheriff Karthic Mela will be held after Dusshera accordingly. Every year this Mela will be organized to pay respect and Homage to Syed Haji Qurban Ali Shah ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ), Father of Our Saint Al Haj Hafiz Syed Sarkar Waris Ali Shah ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ). Sarkar Waris ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) himself had fixed the date of the URS (yearly Ceremony) of his Father after Karvachauth

Some Important Instructions about Pir (Spiritual Guide):
-It is necessary for a Pir to sacrifice his life in the cause of God and not to amass any worldly wealth. He also stressed that a Pir is one who owns nothing, never to rely on anyone except God, A Pir Is Imperfect if he calls anything his property. One who makes Profession a means of subsistence is not a mendicant.
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed,” It is necessary for a Pir (Spiritual Guide) to sacrifice his life in the cause of God and not of amass any worldly wealth. He also stressed that a Pir is one who owns nothing, never to rely on any one except God, he should not hoard for the tomorrow, should not seek help from anyone other than God. A Pir (Spiritual Guide) is imperfect if he calls anything his property. One who makes profession a means of subsistence is not a mendicant.
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed,” It is the dignity of a Pir to be free, independent and self less, should never fear adversity, never complain if any trouble occurs because hardship and comfort are God given and if so to whom should he complain? A Pir is one who for love of God should obliterate himself. A fakir is one who has no capital in this world and after life. A Pir is one who maintains his behavior and manners. One who relies in God succeeds and one who trusts humanity e loses. A Pir is one who should not think of others except aloof from this world A Pir should not pray for a friend or curse and enemy. A Pir should never indulge in making amulets or knotted strings.
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed,"Mustaqim Shah not to open his eyes, Hafiz Gulab Shah Sahib to be awake day and night, Abdul Razaaq Shah Sahib not to speak and to Qadr Baqsh Sahib to abstain eating vegetables, beef meat or birds.
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed,” It is necessary for a Pir to sacrifice his life in the cause of God and not of amass any worldly wealth. He also stresses that a Pir is one ho owns nothing, never to rely on any one except God, he should not hoard for the morrow, should not seed help from anyone other than God, A Pir is imperfect if he calls anything his property. One who makes profession a means of subsistence in not a mendicant.
-Our saint often advised mendicants not to sit on a stool or sleep on a cot. The heaven of a man is mud and he should merge himself in mud.
-Sarkar Waris pak instructed his disciples never to wreck vengeance even on an enemy.
-Sarkar Waris pak instructed, “Breaking promise is a sin; greed is a prelude to dishonor.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “Envy as an ignoble quality and it spoils one's faith.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “never to speak ill of anybody's religion.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “Ego separates a disciple from his guide. Obscurity should be regarded as a friend and publicity should be avoided. The yearnings of one's base self keeps one away from God.”

Instructions of Sarkar Waris pak about Namaz (Prayers):
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “Be regular in your prayers, even if there is an excuse for delay, perform it by signs.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “Prayer is one of the obligatory tenants of Islam and its importance need not be repeated.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “God likes humility, repent and perform your Namaz regularly. Prayer is an exact picture of humility and a symptom of God's devotee.” God will be merciful.
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “one who is not observing Namaz (Prayer), “He will not be admitted as a disciple.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “It is necessary that every one should pray. Prayer is a world's system and if this is abandoned order and law would suffer”.
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “In Prayers what is required is intense concentration and punctual performance of prayer is excellent and is a sign of obedience.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “That prayer should be performed with well intention and with one's heart.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “In prayer fear of God and humility are essential and it is an acme of believers for it enables one to reach Divine proximity.”
-Sarkar Waris pak Instructed, “Prayer is the food of the soul”.

Sarkar Waris pak Instructions on Faith and Social Manners:
Our saint clearly taught the fundamental articles of faith and social manners.
The external and renowned
meaning of unity is to express. God is one and understand him as one, which is the condition for belief. When this is confirmed, the other meaning of unity is to see God as one. This is the stage of Mystics, therefore this meaning regarding God is revealed to the heart of the Unitarian and he sees with his eyes Divine manifestation in every thing.
-Sarkar Waris pak instructed, “Concentrate in one being. What ever occurs openly or secretly, think God as a cause for it.”
-Sarkar Waris pak instructed, “It is customary when you spend a night at any place where there is a shrine you must pay a visit.”
-Sarkar Waris pak instructed, “Just as a woman's marriage with two persons is prohibited, similarly a disciple pledging loyalty to two sheikhs is harmful.”
-Sarkar Waris pak instructed, “It is incumbent on a fakir (Hermit) to see the land and not to look up at the sky.”

Below are some important sayings of Sarkar Waris Pak:
To spend sleepless nights and to lead a recluse's life are the attributes of mystics. These two attributes are connected with love and are distinctive features of love. Due to love a lover relinquishes worldly affairs.
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "The easiest way to reach the beloved is conception of the Beloved's face." Sarkar Waris pak said, "Concentrate on one face. The same will be with you in this world at the time of death and on the day of resurrection. Its regular practice makes seekers of truth turn in to complete and chaste human beings.
-According to our Saint "love is positively monotheism and monotheism is positively love."
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "When the day of Resurrection every one will appear with their deeds and miss-deeds in hand. I too will be present, clutching the portrait of my Beloved. The Day of Judgment for them is better than the night of meeting the Beloved and in the plane of Resurrection they embraced their object of imagination.
-Sarkar Waris pak said "the strange dignity of love is that any attribute of a mystic is based on love.”
-Sarkar Waris pak said "ISLAM IS ONE TING AND FAITH IS ANOTHER THING." Many people failed to understand the meaning behind this comment. So Sarkar Waris pak further clarified that all people who have embrace Islam by birth or by conversion just blindly follow the outward injunctions of Islam but their hearts are like stone. They pride of their prayers and it is well known the moment pride enters humility is lost. Our Holy Prophet‎(صلى الله عليه و سلم) declared," the man who loves me more than his family, property and wealth he has faith" thus Islam is one thing and faith another. Faith also is not to stretch one's hands before others, the significance of which is to desist asking any thing.
-Sarkar Waris pak said "The food of a mendicant is that which he gets without asking, "Do not ask anything, be satisfied and patient whatever you get without asking."
-Our Saint instructed his devotees to mention the name of Almighty God repeating always.
-Sarkar Waris pak said "Attribute of forgetfulness is a mental state of a lover which is the fruit of excessive love. Peculiarity of a lover is hi is entirely absorbed in forgetfulness
-Sarkar Waris pak said "Love for worldly life makes one a wild animal and love for God turns one in to an angle.”
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "adhere to one face it will help you."
-Sarkar Waris pak said. "Love is the step to reach the highest truth."
-Sarkar Waris pak said "God is the friend for all who render services to his creatures without any ulterior motive or selfish end"
-Sarkar Waris pak said," for, a real person is one who distributes his income to others while a coward is one who takes advantage of others property.
-Sarkar Waris pak said," Pious people do not think of hearth and grinding stone.”
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "Women, land, and wealth are the source of worldly wrangles." To remain free one should avoid them.
-Sarkar Waris pak also said. "Our way of life is love. There is no arrangement and one always bows down to the will of God." And patience is the fruit of love.
-Sarkar Waris pak said." the correct and conspicuous dignity is resignation to the will of God."
-Fortitude to secure the pleasure and willingness of the glorious God without evading and shrinking back.
-Sarkar Waris pak said," One who is ruined in love becomes prosperous.”
-Sarkar Waris pak said," In love Satan also becomes a friend.”
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "What you ever want, temporal spiritual do not forget the love of God.
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "Love is the step to reach the highest truth. Angels were given partial love and human beings full love.
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "Trust in God is all prophets' tradition. Make God your counsel.”
-The commandment of our saint is 'be patient even if you are starving.”
-Our Saint declared "our goal of journey is love."
-Our Saint at time waived aside all formalities of taking the oath of allegiance and would say that since if any one had love form the dawn of creation there is no need for any formal entry into the Waris fold.
-Sarkar Waris pak said, "God is the creator of each and every one in like manner he is also Master of the Universe and every ting Contained in it. God is the sustainer.”

Quality of Devine Love:
Sarkar Waris pak Said love is the step to reach the highest truth; also angles were given partial love and human beings full love.
-If love is real and true a lover sees his beloved in everything.
-Love makes man the most eminent of created beings.
-Love makes mosques and temples appear grand and dignified.
-There is rivalry in love and in love Satan is not a stranger.
-In love Satan also becomes a friend.
-One who is ruined in love becomes prosperous.
-To a real over Knowledge of God is invisible in every atom, like a mirror,
-In love man becomes blinds and deaf, except disgrace he will not be associated with good qualities.
-In entanglement in love, one's Wisdom vanishes away.
-There is no arrangement in love.
-If love is perfect the faith also is full and perfect.
-If love is defective, faith will also be defective.
-Sarkar Waris pak instructions to his devotees and disciples were to cultivate the habit of love.
-Surrender to the will of God which is the highest rank of Perfect resignation.
-In love, our Saint said, "there is giving up and foregoing and in love a lover only sees the manifestation of his beloved in everything".
-It is necessary for a lover never to complain even if his head is cut because the murderer is not a stranger. A lover is one in whose breath the remembrance of his beloved is audible.
-Lovers are less but Saints are numerous, a lover with whomsoever he is in love, worships him, of which face he has fallen in love with, hi is absorbed in that face.

Trust in God:
The Commandment of our Saint is be patient even if you are starving. God is all Knowing omniscient. Sarkar Waris pak also said, to whoever it is destined you will surely get it; who ever trust God He surely helps him.
-Trust in God is all prophets' tradition. Make God your counsel.
-God is responsible for your food.
-Trust in God is opposite of avarice.
-Trust in God is a symptom of modesty,
The sense of the moral conclusion of our Saint is his sterling qualities of trust in God as a superfine quality. The miracle of trust in God of our Saint, its rays of light on others, makes them his votaries gifted with this quality, which becomes inherent in them.

Quality of Devine Love:
Sarkar Waris pak Said love is the step to reach the highest truth; also angles were given partial love and human beings full love.
-If love is real and true a lover sees his beloved in everything.
-Love makes man the most eminent of created beings.
-Love makes mosques and temples appear grand and dignified.
-There is rivalry in love and in love Satan is not a stranger.
-In love Satan also becomes a friend.
-One who is ruined in love becomes prosperous.
-To a real over Knowledge of God is invisible in every atom, like a mirror,
-In love man becomes blinds and deaf, except disgrace he will not be associated with good qualities.
-In entanglement in love, one's Wisdom vanishes away.
-There is no arrangement in love.
-If love is perfect the faith also is full and perfect.
-If love is defective, faith will also be defective.
-Sarkar Waris pak instructions to his devotees and disciples were to cultivate the habit of love.
-Surrender to the will of God which is the highest rank of Perfect resignation.
-In love, our Saint said, "there is giving up and foregoing and in love a lover only sees the manifestation of his beloved in everything".
-It is necessary for a lover never to complain even if his head is cut because the murderer is not a stranger. A lover is one in whose breath the remembrance of his beloved is audible.
-Lovers are less but Saints are numerous, a lover with whomsoever he is in love, worships him, of which face he has fallen in love with, hi is absorbed in that face.

Fragrance Emanating from Sarkar Waris pak Body:
Sarkar Waris pak wide renowned and special quality was a fragrant scent emanating from his body which his devotees sniffed during their visit and unanimously acknowledged it's exhilarating and soul-solacing fragrance. It may seem strange to the present generation as it is against nature but from reliable, and incontrovertible sources it has been proved that our Holy Prophet‎(صلى الله عليه و سلم) was gifted with this Divine quality which left a trail of fragrance over places through which he passed. People were certain from the fragrance emanating in the atmosphere that our Prophet must have passed through those places. And this divine fragrance was passed down in their children for generations to come.
Thus in accordance with the above authoritative saying for instance among the descendants of their Holy Prophet‎(صلى الله عليه و سلم) a fortunate child was born the enchanting fragrance of whose body, a symptom of superiority, spread his fame in the world.
Even the other group of mystics acknowledges the unusual gift bestowed on him by the Almighty God.
His disciples were already aware of its enchanting fragrance.
Another rare quality was, even Sarkar Waris pak clothes when they touched his body absorbed this fragrance and people would easily identify his clothes. Any cloth cotton, woolen, or silk would immediately be saturated the moment they touched Sarkar's sacred body.
Even to this day this unique quality of fragrance is not extinct and felt during the anniversary when his devotees of all religions from the highest to lowest level of society offer coverings sheets to be spread over his tomb, testing one above the other and are saturated with this fragrance from top to bottom……

Incident of an Englishman Mistaking Sarkar Waris pak for Jesus Christ
One day after late afternoon Prayer an Englishman of high status visited our Saint. Who received him great warmth of feeling. The Englishman began to stare at Sarkar Waris pak face keenly. After taking leave he once again returned that very night and addressing Sarkar Waris pak with great respect said, "I am keen to ask you what was your name?" our Saint replied, " the same what I bear today. He said, No! Excuse me. I know too well at first your name was JESUS CHRIST. I would like to remind you to fulfill your promise to me. Otherwise you will be responsible for committing an innocent's blood hearing this Mr. Sharfuddin said, "Gentleman your remarks and complaint need further elucidation. "the Englishman continued, " a year back on the 27 of December I saw in my dream Jesus Christ embracing me and holding a corner portion of his coverlet said, " do not fear, we will give the same to you." Our Christ has the same clothes what you are wearing, the same facial features like yours. From that time I am awaiting when my Christ would give the same cloth to me. Today after seeing you at the Railway Station in I am convinced you are the same person for whom I have been waiting since the past fourteen months. You are the same person who broke the promise. Our saint give his own tahband to the Englishman to wrap around, which he instantly did our Saint then gave him the name of Vilayath shah and advised him not to entangle himself In worldly affairs but should dye for the love of God.

Sarkar Waris pak, Meeting with the Mahant (Hindu Monk)
When our saint camping at faizabad a Mahant (Hindu Monk) came to meet him. Our Saint embraced and asked him to sit close by him. Impressed by our Saint's sincerity and gentle manners he said,"Maharaj, favor me with what ever you can give."
Our Saint smilingly asked, "What is the live of asceticism?" the Mahant said, "I will accept whatever you favor me, our Saint give four small oranges to him and said, "please depart, we will meet again," saluting our Saint he came out, and instead of going home sat there and was so absorbed about some thing that tears were flowing form his eyes but he was insensible to his actual condition. Learning of the Mahant's pitiable condition our Saint said, Mahant in your love, you have lost your creed and world. Then Mahant said, "Please honor my dwelling with your presence and partake of whatever humble food is available. If not I will set fire to every thing and retire to the jungle. Our Saint said yes we will go tomorrow to your house. There he made arrangements for food and rooms spread with an exquisite carpet. But our Saint as usual ate chapattis with broth. And said, "the God who is Ram here, one who discards the feeling of self he sees every where one entity." Our saint said, "what ever you want do not forget the love of God. Travel for three years with belief and confidence in God on the way with out any distinction of race and creed visit every temple and mosque and every shrine without bias, do not Fear, we will be with you.

Incident relating to the ship stopping in mid ocean
A remarkable incident during the voyage which throws light on Sarkar Waris pak spiritual eminence and nobility of his conception of life. He was at that time fasting and would break his fast with whatever was available at that moment or postpone it indefinitely till something was available.
He boarded the ship while fasting and took nothing to break his fast, suddenly the ship lost its propulsive notion and was becalmed, the very night Mohd Ziauddin said a prominent merchant of Bombay traveling in the same ship saw in his dreams our holy prophet (peace be on Him) saying, "Ziauddin you are eating, but at the same time think of your co passengers." To obviate the difficulty of searching the real person the invited all the passengers for a dinner and kept an eye to locate the person on whose behalf the holy Prophet(peace be on Him) came in his dream, finding nine hi searched every nook and corner of the ship. Finally in a dark niche hi found a solitary figure lost in deep meditation. Hi entreated Sarkar Waris pak to honor him by accepting his invitation.
It was a marvel of Omnipotent Divine power that as soon as our Saint conceded to accept the invitation of his host the ship resumed its motion and the journey was continued.

Incident with Hindu Pundits
Hindu Pandit who was proficient in Vedic Knowledge and spiritual leaders of their belief and creed, due to the heart rending effects of love, find a sudden and revolutionary change in their lives. Pandit Fazul Shah Warsi whose former name was Ramavtar Shastri, was a Sanskrit Spiritualist and was far superior in meditation. When he became a disciple of our Saint and practiced uttering prayers of love, he attained highest degree of knowledge because of absorbing himself in Divine Love and submission.
Similarly Pandit Sita Ram a well to do priest came to pay respects to our Saint. During their mutual conversation our Saint advised him to know and find out God. He replied that he had just found God in whose quest he was wandering from door to door. He further asked, "When I have found Him, where should I go?" Smiling our Saint gave him a mendicant's garb advised him not to go home and to embark on with travels and never to stretch hand even if he were to starve for a week.

Incident in the cave of soor
One day while going towards the cave of soor Sarkar Waris pak saw on old woman lamenting bitterly. When I enquired the cause of her sorrow she said that her youthful son had just expired. I advised patience but she complained where she could get relief from sorrow in such a deserted place. Neither had she money to buy medicine nor could she implore any one to make arrangement for efficacious relief. I removed the cloth from his face and sprinkled water over it. Fortunately he opened his eyes and began to talk.

Incident of Ali Bin Hafiz at Taayef
Sarkar Waris pak Said I know a well to do person named Ali Bin Hafiz at Taayef. When he became by disciple hi entreated with humility and folded hands to show him some way by which he could make God happy. I advised him since God has done well to him he should likewise behave with his creatures. Hi agreed and went away. After eight days he came to Mecca and told me he carried out my instructions and did good deeds to God's creatures by distributing the proceeds of the sale of his property amongst the poor and nothing was left for him. Hi had done a good turn for God's kindness. But from the next day without his asking God was favoring him with good meals. Now that he was penniless. He wondered how he could continue to serve God's creation. I told him in return for this Divine favor to supply free water daily to his creatures because water is a great divine blessing. A water skin was purchased and given to him. From tat day to make God happy he was distributing water free to the people. After some time he came again and said that he was suffering from another anxiety. God was favoring him with tasty food but his eyes were suffering from a strange disease. He could see none but God and to whom should he supply water? Then I suggested to throw away the water skin, betake himself to the cave of Sur and sit there till he breathed his last.

Important Incident
Mohammad yahya Saheb Warsi judge of Azimabad followed a set pattern of habits, in the sense he would every year come to Dewa Sheriff for the Karthic Mela on a particular date. But once it so happened that when the date for his departure to Dewa Sheriff neared his daughter was very sick, but he left her in this delicate condition and come to Dewa sheriff. The next day he received a telegram from the family doctor Asad Ali Khan Saheb that his daughter died. When this news reached Sarkar he called Maulvi Saheb aside and said, "Maulvi Saheb you have passed the test of formalities. But generally people mistake a swoon to be death." At that time no one cared to understand the meaning behind this utterance but on the third day, Maulvi Saheb received a letter from his brother that his daughter became alive, six hours after she was pronounced dead.

Snake Bite
Once a snake bit Sarkar Waris pak finger and to remove its poison Sarkar Waris pak cleaned it with water. The next morning Sarkar Waris pak found the snake sitting near his room too intoxicated to move.

Incidence of Sarkar Waris pak Devotees who endured beyond endurance
Badnam Shah Saheb Warsi resident of Barabanki at first a special servant of our Saint was directed to adopt a recluse life. Our Saint took a promise from him to remain indoors and open it whenever he came to Dewa Sheriff. From the provisions supplied for food he used some of them when Sarkar Waris pak visited him and the remaining kept for his use. When even that food supply was exhausted, he spent his days by eating mud but never opened the door. For Sixteen years he abided by the command of Our Saint In this condition he has up his life once and for all.

Incident of a Mendicant who sacrificed his life rather than breaks his vow of silence to our Saint
Once an elderly person of Lucknow related an incident of a mendicant clad in patched clothes who suffered by silence according to the command of Our Saint. During the first war of independence the sepoys mistook him to be a secret agent of the British and for refusing to answer their queries were fatally wounded and died but never opened his mouth, sealed by the command of Our Saint. The result was that his tomb became a shrine for people's pilgrimage.

Abdul Razaaq Shah Sahib Warsi never opened his mouth.
Our Saint made Abdul to observe silence. From that time he was writing or gesturing for his requirements. The people seeing his pitiable condition approached Our Saint when camped at bankipur to relax the order and permit him to speak in time of necessity. So Sarkar Waris pak questioned Abdul whether he was experienced any difficulty. He stood dumb before him eyes filled with tears and our Saint advised him to maintain his mode of life and spend his short span of life for a few months as befitting his way of life, never to open his mouth even in the grave before the angels who come to questing and before the Almighty Lord on the Dooms Day.

Incident of Mustaqim Shah who closed his eyes eternally
It is known from reliable sources that during Our Saints second voyage to Hijaz, Mustaqim Shah, an old disciple and mendicant went with him. He was ordered by our Saint to sit on Madartedri (hillock of Ajmer) for sixty years. He requested him to show his face to which our Saint complied and told him never to see any thing of this world. From that time he closed his eyes. This extraordinary effort, the implementation of which was beyond the capacity of human beings as the grandeur of our Saints spiritual face was such that an ordinary person kept his eyes closed for seventy two years against nature and abstained from seeing worldly things. At first he remained for forty years on Ajmer hillock, and after wards sat near the ground gate of shrine.

Incidence of Gulab Shah
To others Sarkar Waris pak proposed hard unbearable efforts which were against human nature, To Hafiz Gulab Shah, resident of Agra, his strict order was not to close his eyes at any time, to sit day and night in one posture alone and always to remain awake to see what ever God shows and for all time observe meditation. He also instructed him to repeat the name of God Continuously. Hence for Forty four years the loyal devotee of our Saint rested on a stone pillow with eyes open in a state of be wilderness. From his entire appearance it looked as if he was staring at the miracles of Divine Phenomenon In this contemplative mood this Warsi devotee attained freedom from worldly existence as if lost to reach the Divine proximity.

Incidence of Khuda Baksh
Our Saint ordered him to lead a recluse life outside the town of Barabanki district. On certain conditions namely
-Never to go out
-Not to remain in door but to spend his life under a tree.
-Vegetarian and non vegetarian food was forbidden along with salt.
He fulfilled those conditions for seven years and whenever he felt hungry drank ash dissolved in water. Later he was asked to eat wild plants without the use of salt thus he spent thirty six years by drinking boiled grass solution.

Incidence with Pandit
Pandit Chatra Bahaj Sahai wants to
Join Our Saints Folds. He recited before our Saint two slokas about Unity of God, Hearing there our Saint said to Pandit, this oral confession needs heart's confirmation, without which it will be like tasteless food lacing salt for a headless portrait. For comprehension love is essential. The distinctive quality of love is effacement of self thought and polytheism clearly, without which the belief of unity of God in impossible, you might have read in Bhagwad Gita that Krishnaji taught Arjuna that until the thought of polytheism is obliterated from the human heart the oneness of God and his intimate knowledge is impossible'. Panditji with great humility said, “ I have read the black words printed in the book and for their confirmation I have come to you. You are a renowned teacher from your door surely this beggar will get a crumb.
Sarkar Waris pak replied, “Panditji the gist is if there is love, you will get everything, if there is no love you will get nothing.”

Incidence with a Punjabi Dervish
Once a Punjabi dervish in the dress of a recluse came to Dewa Sheriff and sat near Aughat Baba's bed. Upon enquiry he said, he had come from Amritsar and for twelve years was wandering in search of a Pir to attain the way of Salvation. Haji Sahib took him inside and Our Saint was standing near his bed in the verandah. Seeing his God like face the Punjabi mendicant bowed, kissing the ground and with diffidence went near him and placed his head at his feet.
When they came out Haji Aughat Shah Saheb asked him why he remained silent and not placed his grievance before him especially to his query whether Narein (God) is within or outside the human body. He replied with tearful eyes without enquiry, I got the answer. When the door opened I saw a beam of light emanating from his face and reaching the sky. When I laid my head on his feet, I found his body. Thus I was satisfied. Up to know, what I has not grasped I understood.”

The fair attracts pilgrims from as far as Pakistan and the middle -east countries. The shrine of the Sufi saint is much revered by Muslim pilgrims all over the world. Every Year Urs Ceremonies will be held 3 times, as described below:
Kartik: (Held any time between 1st Oct - 15 Nov)
Fair commenced every year between the months of September October. Sarkar Waris Pak Alam Panah organized Urs of his father, "Syed Haji Qurban Ali Shah (r.a)" in the month of 'Kartik' according to Hindu calendar when a big fair is held to commemorate the Saints. Relieved of agriculture operations in the month of the fair people from far and wide participate in it in a festive mood. Visitors from all the parts of the country come to pay their homage to the great Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah and his father. Pilgrims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are also attracted to make the fair a cosmopolitan congregation.
Chait:(1st Rabi-ul-awwal, starting April)
Safar: (1st of Safar, starting March)
Haji Waris Ali Shah a monarch in the domain of Sufism passed away for his heavenly abode on April 6th, 1905. The fair ceremony in this month is the ceremony of Sarkar Waris Pak Alam Panah himself, held in the month of April every year, in Urdu calendar this month is termed to be safar.

Hazrat Syed Waris Ali Shah